Why Exhibit

The Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo is a great platform to showcase your product to a captive audience with an interest in cycling, fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

  • It is the only registration venue for the world’s largest timed cycling event, the Cape Town Cycle Tour.
  • Each Cycle Tour participant visiting the Expo to collect his/her race pack will likely be accompanied by family and/or friends, which is why the Expo boasts a footfall of over 70 000 visitors.
  • As many visitors are still in “holiday” mode, general spending is liberal and all exhibitors – from cycle shops to biltong sellers, supplements, massages and everyone in between – benefit from being at the CTCT Expo.
  • The Expo gives you the prime opportunity to create and grow awareness around your brand and to introduce customers to any new products and/or technology.
  • Rub shoulders with some of the top industry retailers.
  • Network with industry peers and engage with your customers.