Rules for Exhibitors

  • All Things Exhibitors must do:


    Familiarize yourself with the Manual of the

    Download the Service Forms

    Do arrive at least 15 minutes before the Expo opens

    Write your announcement on the page in the office, Roi will make the announcement

    Do interact and sell within your stand

    Attend to your stand at all times

    You are allowed to display or hand out literature from within the boundary of your stand

    If you would like the cleaning service to clean your stand – please refer to Manual for the contact details.

    Keep your area at the Expo neat and clean at all times.

    Do remove your empty boxes and place them IN the bins on the ramp.

    Kindly flatten your empty boxes before dropping it in the bins

    Remove all your goods before 21h00  on the 8th March 2014

    Use the service providers in the service forms

    Use expo screens if you feel the need (found in service forms)

    Visit Facebook and add info to the page on the product that you will be selling at expo


    The following is not allowed:

    Don’t leave any goods unattended

    Staff will not be able to enter the Expo without an exhibitor badge

    No one will be able to park on the ramp – ramp only used for big deliveries

    No mass sampling allowed

    Do not promote or sell liquor to under 18’s

    No walking around and handing out information will be allowed

    No banners will be allowed outside your stand

    No private PA systems will be allowed

    Do not exceed the wattage draw off from the power point you have order – You will be fined

    Space only stands – Do not extend your stand

    Passive stands are not allowed

    No exhibits or stand fittings are to be removed or dismantled before 16h00 on Saturday 9th March

    Don’t leave items after 21h00 on Saturday 9th March

    Don’t move out of square meterage (boundary)

    Don’t leave stand unattended (always have someone on your stand)